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While I know there are lots of ppl prepared to party The Elder Scrolls Blades, I am optimistic. Loot boxes-- IMO these items will probably be employed by Whales so as to dominate in the PVP part of The Elder Scrolls Blades. While this stinks, it wouldn't draw me. I have invested YEARS to Bethesda games and that I don't have a issue with a slow mill provided that it is free and enjoyable. It is not a console game, we know this in advance.
It sad what the gambling business has become. These individuals throwing their money at microtransactions whenever they buying other games or could use that money for something else. I could think about a thousand things I would do with this cash. I'd be OK with if they increased the price of games from 60 to 80 or even $100 as long as this satisfies these greedy businesses and they maintain their shitty microtransactions from our matches and do not get lazy. For this or much more because I KNOW I will have a blast, I would pay $200 fuckin bucks for games such as cyberpunk. Let us pray CDPR does not fall into greed in the future.
Alright so here in my thoughts. This isn't a sport made for first skyrim players. Or even for computer players. It is created for players in your mind. I'm totally a computer participant. The computer player community sees those numbers mad, but I will tellthat these costs are standard for The Elder Scrolls Blades. I've played The Elder Scrolls Blades like battle of clans, clash royale ext. (also hearthstone, but not sure if it counts as cellular game) and in those games you can play free, but it takes time and skill to get great. Money may offer you a massive increase in time, but what's very likely to gain with years of grinding. Of course The Elder Scrolls Blades has to be great to have players to find these bonuses.
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