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I don't use since these shields function like I think they will, equipment that give me any sort of malus I suppose I'll take the Spell Defense - Weapon Defense. Since because only PvE Dofus player seem like the best option, monster do not possess"weapon" type of strikes, and because I avoid PvP I'll never see the effect of it.However since now I say it I guess more people will follow the same tactic, or ANKAMA has a strategy to counter it and again make the life span people Mono PvE Dofus participant tougher.
And I need to have the ability to use defenses. I don't believe, given that you ought to be blocked because you opt for a two handed weapon by using them. There just are not that many weapon choices for some set, anyhow. Just about all are two-handed. I want to be able to use shields. And I truly wanted to for cosmetic purposes regardless.If you make the present craft-able protects mimisymbic only and non craft-able wont exactly the Dofus game face the very same issues it now has some broken shields being worth billions of kamas? This seems like a dumb oversight to me.
Weapons will need to be balanced according to standing or 1, I do not understand. It makes no sense to me. I believe by preparing the AP cost and quantity of strikes per turn in accordance with their power, they should be balanced. 1 or 2 handed standing now does not have any significance other than if you are able to use a shield , but having a shield with it doesn't include any additional personality improvement. And both will operate with shields. So it seems to me as if you're balancing weapons just because of shields, not to balance weapons.
Better way to say this is: why rebalance weapons when Lynn stated above is accurate? No difference between the two groups. When both allows shields why make a statistical difference? If a person let shields with these new effects and the Dofus Kamas Retro For Sale other didn't, a gap can be understood by me. That is not the case.If the new damage stats on shields counts as closing damage that is complete bs, only let it revolve around defensive stats - I mean come on, it's a shieeeeld...
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