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Specifics are still unknown, but it's bright that we'll face those Exiles – who accept gone batty from abiding acknowledgment to the abandoned – at some point in Conquerors of the Atlas. Cutting Accessory Amateur is announcement Conquerors of the Atlas as a abounding endgame amplification , with a new area of adventure to follow, aloft changes to the endgame bosses, and some important tweaks to the Atlas itself. Effectively, this amplification is a abstracted timeline area a altered bandage of Exiles baffled the Atlas and grew mad cutting through its maps for added ability – spooky, right? In this another world, it's up to you to accord with the after-effects and mop up those besmirched Exiles.
Four of these will be on par with the Elder bang-up fight, while the fifth replaces the POE Currency Shifter bang-up fight. To do so, you'll adventure into a hardly altered anatomy of the Atlas area you'll alpha from the centre of the Atlas map rather than at its corners. As you ability accept guessed, this aswell agency the Zana questline has already been completed, acceptation you'll accept a new adventure to accompany in the Atlas that's set anon afterwards the following of the Shaper and Elder through the Atlas .In Conquerors of the Atlas there will be eight map zones and you can finer authority anniversary one by arena through its maps, tracking down the region's boss, acquisition them, and accepting a Watchstone.
Socket a Watchtone and you can advancement regions of the map, which is accurate as it agency you can advancement some lower-tier maps aloft their accepted level. It's appealing complicated, so here's a abounding breakdown of how the new Atlas will work. The new endgame administration aswell avowal a adventitious to bead new added versions of abutment gems. At their absolute aboriginal akin they are already added able than a akin 20 abutment gem – there are almost 35 of these to admission throughout Conquerors of the Atlas. We've already apparent a brace of these, like the Angle Added Support, which adds an added angle to projectiles, which basically fills the awning with arrows with a individual button press.
What would a new amplification be afterwards some attenuate new boodle to chase? The new endgame mod basin now has a agglomeration of afflicted attenuate items, acceding mods from appropriate pools. You can even agglutinate two of these items calm to actualize a amalgam with mods from both pools. Plus, with the use of new astral orbs you can administer some of the new afflicted mods to your old gear. Cutting Accessory Amateur has promised a complete and absolute rework of bows at every date of Aisle of Exile. Exact data about these changes are still cagey, but we apperceive that there will be 5 new bow-related gems, rebalances of all bow skills, buffs to some abject bow types, and added bow accident throughout the progression tree.
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