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During this time, you keep doing the exact same thing, and depending on who's on the depth chart, you might have a stranglehold on the job, maintain a battle per week, or have to work to take over under center. It shouldn't be as easy as have some good preseason games, get the starting job, and then there aren't any questions after that. The whole first season is only you going about your business and enjoying games after five repetitions in practice, then you do nothing at the offseason and start again another preseason.
I adore of playing just as the quarterback in career mode, the first-person element. I believe there is a base here in order to work with and Madden gameplay, aside from everyone's favourite glitch movies which are going to exist, is great. But it is an overly straightforward career mode that could use significant additions to make it a worthwhile venture for Madden players. I am not a guy that reproduces serious hours Madden every year -- I played with NCAA Football religiously for years, but hadn't really played with a football match in some time prior to this -- and it was just too simple to bring a newcomer, as either a primary or seventh-round choice, and also make him a starter in Week 1 on the suggested middle degree of difficulty (the one where Madden participant ratings make the most difference).
Most gamers are not likely to need to just take practice reps for a complete season, but add some deeper competition to make a starting job and possible outcomes that come if you can't keep this job. It can be a paint-by-numbers deal, where playing nicely equals making the starting job, but show the job required to get there slightly more.
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