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There are all those free-to-play games out there today, and the genre has evolved radically since the first MapleStory. What kind of modernizations are you incorporated into MapleStory 2?
Lee: Well, it is 3D, some UGC [user-generated content] attributes, therefore we haven't supposed to create a match sandbox, but we have similar sort of articles integrated into the game. So there will be something very similar to Roblox. So, we're trying to help content creators craft their own MapleStory experience with all the sport assets. That is a part of it, and home is something very similar to if you enjoy building stuff.
So that you can create your own car designs we have a lot of templates and also you can produce your own vanity clothing the automobile mounts. Additionally, we have kinds of instruments in the sport, tools, that you can use to generate your personal music. You can play as a ring. There's a concert hall where you could play with your friends. They do their very own rivals. Those are all kinds of social and more tendencies like Roblox, like Minecraft. Those are sort of incorporated at a MapleStory way.
Would you speak to the philosophy supporting the microtransaction version? We do know that MapleStory includes a kind of infamous reputation of such as pay-to-win. In the time we weren't worried about that. Fantastic thing is developers for MapleStory 2 are well aware that it shouldn't ever end being pay-to-win. Thus, we worked together with our development group and the chief items for sale in the sport are really like our first version of MapleStory. I had been a producer working about 2005-06 on MapleStory. There was a philosophy we had internally as a group that we weren't likely to sell extra XP vouchers, and in the time our sellers were pets so our model is truly similar to that.
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