by on July 9, 2019
There's no cause. There is not any conflict. There is no us or them, there is simply a lot of (on a universal scale) primitive creatures who is tech got a bit too far ahead of the ancient applications they are running and it has caused our brains to overheat. To those orchestrating the branch there is just the pursuit of riches because with this spec of dirt lucky enough to land at a sunbeam wealth is electricity and right today were inches from living Modified Carbon (the cool material, but also the really uncool stuff too) because we're too busy fighting one another to detect we are all dropping.
That has not happened in quite a long time. I meanI used to go on those types of tangents all of the time back in the afternoon but...I.. . I dun. At some point, I lost the fire. I stopped and...I will probably cut that rant before I send this in. Better check my beer fridge and return to normal! Whelp! I spose' its about that time. . .Let me understand what you guys think about Torchlight Frontiers in the comments below. It might be big enough to sense MMOish and small and simple enough to fit into the schedule. To the bone !
In 1 interview the devs stated 14 players a open world instance, in a different 8, the truth is that their instances can manage quite a great deal of people but it becomes messy when there are too many of these so the number of players each instance is limited to under what is possible from a technical side. The servers are hosted on google cloud.
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