Wednesday, October 9, 2019 7:36 am - Thursday, October 24, 2019 10:36 am
I believe my proudest achievement was to purchase a home after crafting and selling to get a fantastic bit. Thanks for the great memories.I've watched some vids now about other mmo games which have died through time and never have looked at those, as well as the images - yet seeing that Runescape is still here now, shows you that its the game theory and experience that make these kinds of games continue, rather than flashy images and all that.
First half Runescape is extremely nostalgic for me I began playing rs in February 2002 back in classic and kept playing classic up untill 2005 when jagex chose to kill classic in a single day by banning 75% of the player base for botting and made it no new accounts may be created, then I changed over to rs2 2005-2009 then cease for a couple of years and came back into 2012 when I discovered about free trade and pking being back, but I had been kate into the party and only got about a month or so out of it before eoc and stop untill 2013 if OSRS came out and playing the classic times where the most fun I ever had in Runescape pking with buddies on low lv pker accounts.
Just got back into match after a decade away. Got blessed with lava dragons coaching mage becoming draconic visage, then Callisto performing a wildy slayer bear task got a d pickaxe. I'm doing some rev caves with blowpipe to get GP, was able to osrs best skill for money have enough for my months bond together with 7 days to proceed.
Not a bad start from new player with all the twitch prime membership!love the vids ive been putting in over 300 hours the past couple of months and now I have 70 hours left to lvl 99 hunter reddish chins to me are a 100% safe money maker floating about 800k a hour and seems to be very consented I have 29 million left together with the 45m im working towards a max acc and this is my first 99 so super stoked my OSRS ( is Saradoin2018 best wishes and maintain the vids coming.
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