Monday, January 6, 2020 8:05 am - Friday, January 24, 2020 11:05 am
This is. This whole spiel by OSRS gold going, of playing off as the great man. "Oh well we know you value your time. That means that you may just give us more money" Is such translucent bullshit and people gobble it up. Paying to skip isn't"valuing your time". It's a warning sign that maybe runescape isn't for you.
If you despise playing runescape so much that you would rather fork over your pay check what are you accomplishing? It will devalue others have spent earning matters. There will be individuals who wish to pretend that is one runescape player game and that what other people do has 0 effect on anybody else but that's just blatantly untrue.
I do not really mind things like bonus xp and experience boosters. Maybe it's because I have already maxed a couple accounts? My problem is buying progression without having to socialize with ANY articles of runescape. Lamps should be removed from all MTX and substituted with xp modifiers like heartbeat cores and bonus xp.
I also believe all proteans ought to be removed from runescape UNLESS they include recipes to them through Invention (or another skill or action, doesn't really matter to me). Clearly the entire loot box item is really shitty. I've been a fan of that kind of MTX in different games. So I would like to see that changed.
At least quit providing FREE KEYS * once I log in on my accounts popups to me. I never will invest my cash on loot boxes and never have. And even if I'd start opening loot boxes with real money for some reason, it is laughable to think I would begin with RuneScape.
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