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I don't really mind stuff like OSRS gold experience boosters and bonus xp. Maybe it's because I maxed a few accounts? My main problem is buying straight progression without having to socialize at any content of runescape. Lamps replaced with xp modifiers like pulse cores and bonus xp and should be removed from all MTX.
I also believe all proteans ought to be removed out of runescape UNLESS they include recipes for them through Invention (or another skill or activity, does not really matter to me). Obviously the loot box item is really shitty. I've been a fan of that kind of MTX, even in other matches. I would like to see that changed.
At least stop giving FREE KEYS to me. I never will spend my money and never have. And even if I would begin opening loot boxes with real money for some reason, it is ridiculous to think I would start with RuneScape. So I do not always agree that time savers is admitting runescape is bad. Especially for a big sandbox RPG.
I'd agree in most cases, but there are elements of each game that when you play it again you want you could bypass. I am not saying that it's justification, but there are times on my ironman I wish I could simply skip the grind and reach the quests since that's my favourite part of runescape.
Not necessarily. I enjoy the RS grind, it's a fun part of the travel for me. But it takes a good deal of time and isn't the complete game. I also grind to do quests, get better equipment, complete objectives, etc.. I can"afford" to do this because I have a lots of spare time on weekends.
Then there are the people who are much busier than I am (but also don't rely on their parents' credit card) that want to experience all of runescape's articles but don't have enough time for the grind. These folks are ready to pay so they can advance more in less time. I am not defending MTX, simply to make it obvious, however it's incorrect to state that runescape is dull if it must rely on those.
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