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And the buttons have been paced on either side of the game frame.Other designs for mobile versionThe Interface Scaling will be brought to mobile and desktop, which allows you to choose the size you like. And Jagex will try their best to ensure as much compatibility as possible. At the same time, they will not change the weekly game updates with Mobile.OSRS Mobile beta test after RuneFest this yearWe can expect the Mobile Beta begins sometime after RuneFest this year, if there is nothing wrong. What’s more, all the above designs will be tested and improved depending on the players’ feedback.Be first in line for hot-off-the-press mobile information and Buy RuneScape 07 gold on RS3gold.The RS3gold Team Suggest Improving RuneScape Tutorial & Buy RS3 Gold Cheap.
A new player, who has heard of RuneScape Mobile announcement, has been on his first adventure in RuneScape, and then he expresses his first impression on the game, which arouses a hot discussion for RuneScape tutorial. At the same time, most old players hope Jagex to improve the current tutorial before the RuneScape Mobile comes. Of course, you need to buy RS3 gold cheap.The current RuneScape tutorial - Ashdale TutorialWhen you are new to RuneScape, you need to complete a tutorial and until now there are 6 version of it. The latest version is the Ashdale Tutorial, which includes 5 parts: Birth of a Hero, Attack of the Zombies, Undead Bovine Attack, Morwenna the Necromancer, and Leaving the Island. And all of these contents happen on the island of Ashdale. That means new players will appear on Ashdale when they finish creating their account.The first impression to the tutorialThe new player thinks the tutorial is a little boring and cannot learn anything about the game. He just believes a good tutorial should be able to attract new players’ attention and once they begin their adventure they will stay and play more.
More suggestions from other playersMany old players show that they are very happy for new players to voice their opinions. And some also suggest Jagex should bring a new tutorial which makes the game is more friendly to new players especially for the upcoming of RuneScape Mobile app. However, others show that as an old game with over 15 years, it’s too huge and too old to go over everything with a fine toothed comb to update it all.Anyway, we have much expectation of the RuneScape Mobile, let’s just hope there will be a better RuneScape tutorial added at the same time. In addition, it’s always necessary to buy RS3 gold cheap.The RS3gold Team Challenge Your Mettle in Available Tournament Worlds OSRS
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